Evolution HDG200 Digital Heat Gun 230V

Heat Gun Digital Evolution HDG200 230V Product code: EVO1137 £59.20  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Product Information

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2000 watt heat gun with variable heat control.

With an incredible temperature range of 50ºC - 630ºC the Evolution Heat Gun is suited to jobs aplenty.
Ideal for stripping / drying paint and varnish, as well as removing adhesive labels, heating liquids and drying out damp wood to name a few.
Supplied with four nozzles and a scraper this multipurpose tool will not be found wanting and the variable airflow speed (120-550 Ltr/min) enhances the versatility even further.
Other key features include a clear, easy-to-understand digital display and an integral base stand for ‘hands free’ use.

Ideal for: • Stripping Paint & Varnish • Curing Glues & Epoxies • Waxing or Dewaxing • Softening & Forming Plastics • Removing Adhesive Labels & Graphics • Heating Liquids • Applying Heat Shrink & Film • Drying Out Damp Wood • Lifting Tiles & Edging Trim • Drying Paint or Varnish • Lighting Barbecues • Loosening Rusty Screws or Nuts • Removing Caulking


  • Motor (230v ~ 50 Hz):2000W
  • Max Heat Setting (Variable):630°C
  • Min Heat Setting (Variable):50°
  • Max Airflow Speed:550Ltr/min
  • Min Airflow Speed:120Ltr/min
  • Recommended Maximum Duty Cycle:20mins
  • Machine Weight:0.8kg
  • Packaging Dimensions:120mm x 280mm x 300mm
  • Carry case

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