Sealey VS2055 Diesel Injector Cleaner Set 6pc

Diesel Injector Cleaner Set Sealey VS2055 6pc Product code: SEA1398 £84.52  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Product Information


Diesel Injector Seat Cleaner Set 6pc

  • Set of four diesel injector seat cleaners, centring pilot and T-handle.
  • Used to clean/decarbonise injector seats when changing injectors.
  • Helps to avoid blow-back due to poorly seated injectors.
  • Suitable for a wide range of vehicles.


    • Make: Sealey
    • Model No.: VS2055
    • EAN: 5051747443389
    • Centring Pilot: 7mm
    • Reamer Sizes & Applications: 15mm; Various Vehicles, 17mm; Delphi/Bosch (BMW, PSA, Ford), 17mm; Bosch (Mercedes CRD), 17mm; Angled (Fiat, Iveco)
    • For Warranty see: Sealey Warranties
    • Standard Delivery: 2-3 days