Probst MICROJUMBO-JET MJ-J Vacuum Slab Layer

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Product Information



  • For efficient and accurate installation of small-sized and lightweight slabs.
  • This is the optimum application enhancement for the vacuum devices QUICKJET QJ-600-E, POWERJET PJ-1650 and SPEEDY VS-140/200.
  • Ideal for connecting to standard industrial vacuum cleaners*.
  • Useful, also, for laying tiles.
  • The MJ-J can be connected in a flash with the 5m vacuum hose supplied.
  • 2 connecting cones are enclosed for connection to industrial vacuum cleaners.
  • By purchasing an additional MJ-J-HG two-man carrying handle, the MJ-J can also be used as a two-man device.
  • Complete with 25kg Suction Plate.
  • With the optionally available MJ-J-SPS-50-44/24 Suction Plate, the working load limit can be increased to 50kg.
  • *wet/dry vacuum cleaner with pressure relief valve
  • ** Value at 150 mbar low pressure.


  • Make: Probst
  • Model No.: 52600015
  • Hose Length: 5m
  • Suction Plate Diameter: 260mm
  • Suction Plate Capacity: 25kg
  • Weight: 4kg