C.Scope CS440XD General Purpose Metal Detector

C.Scope CS440XD General Purpose Metal Detector Product code: CSC1011 £137.74  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Product Information

C.Scope Made in Britain

Beginner’s detector that is simple to operate and delivers excellent performance.

If you’re new to detecting and looking for a simple and affordable entry level non-motion detector then the C.SCOPE 440XD is the right detector for you.

The CS440XD is a lightweight performance metal detector with variable discrimination which will simply eliminate signals from rubbish targets. Family fun on beach or inland sites is guaranteed with this neat detector at a budget price.


  • Sensitivity and retune button so you can simply adjust the detector so it works at peak performance no matter what the conditions
  • Variable discrimination simply eliminates signals from rubbish targets
  • Counterbalanced stem with armrest has been disigned for fingertip control and perfect balance
  • The lightweight control box ensures this detector is especially easy on the arm.
  • Adjustable stem and locking mechanism enables the detector to be tailored to any user.
  • A waterproof lightweight polo search head is fitted for deep probing and superb stability.
  • Internal loudspeaker
  • Headphone socket


  • Model No.: ZCS440XD
  • Operation system: Non-motion
  • Operating frequency: 17kHz
  • Search head: 20cm Polo ISOCON search head
  • Battery: 1 x PP3
  • Typical battery life: 30hours
  • Weight 1.153kg including batteries
  • Warranty: 2 years parts and labour, 5 years parts