Tramex RMK5.1 Roof Master Kit

Tramex RMK5.1 Roof Master Kit Product code: TRA1035 £6656.16  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Roof Master Kit

  • The Roof Master Kit is the complete kit for the roofing professional.
  • Allowing for continuous and point-of-contact, non-destructive surveying of moisture conditions in roofing and waterproofing systems up to 6 inches in depth, as well as non-destructive measurement of moisture conditions in concrete decks, wood decks and ambient relative humidity & dew-point conditions.
  • Featuring the Tramex Dec Scanner, a mobile non-destructive impedance scanner, the handheld Tramex RWS Roof and Wall Scanner non-invasive impedance scanner and the Tramex CMEX II Electronic Moisture Meter and Hygro-i ® Relative Humidity Probe.
  • Non-Destructive, deep penetration moisture testing.
  • 7” Pin-Probe for deep penetration.
  • 7-40% readings of moisture content in Wood and 0-100 comparative readings in all other materials.
  • Plug-in Hygro-i ® Probe for Relative Humidity, Temperature, Dew-Point and Mixing Ratio.
  • Clear, easy to read analog/digital dials.
  • Battery operated (supplied)
  • This kit comes in a protective, heavy-duty wheeled carry case with die-cut foam lining.
  • Industry: Roofing, EIFS.
  • Material: BUR, non-conductive single ply roof membranes, modified bitumen and polyurethane foam roofing systems and EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System).


  • Make: Tramex
  • Model No.: RMK5.1
  • Weight: 59.5lbs (27kg)
  • Size: 41.2" x 21.1" x 12" (1045mm x 535mm x 305mm)
  • Power: 9V PP3 Batteries x 5 (included)
  • Depth of Penetration: NDT RWS 100mm. NDT CMEX2 ¾" (20 mm) Pin-type Probe 7"
  • Moisture Content of Concrete: 0 to 6.9%
  • Reference Scale: 0 to 100
  • Relative Humidity: 0 to 99%
  • Contents: Dec Scanner Mobile Moisture Scanner for large roofing areas, RWS non-destructive Moisture Meter, CMEX2 non-destructive Moisture Meter for concrete, Hand held Electrode with 7" Insulated Pins, Hygro-i ® Relative Humidity Probe (for use with CMEX2 for RH, Temperature and Dew point readings), Infrared Surface Thermometer, Telescopic Handle (for use on Roofs)