Tramex WDMK5.2 Water Damage Restoration Master Kit

Tramex WDMK5.2 Water Damage Restoration Master Kit Product code: TRA1028 £1508.91  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Water Damage Restoration Master Kit

  • The ultimate Tramex kit for finding and measuring moisture in concrete, wood and wood by-products, giving comparative readings in most other building materials.
  • Featuring the Tramex MEP allowing for non-invasive testing of moisture conditions in numerous building materials such as drywall, wood, plaster, brick, tiles, resilient flooring, laminates and roofing.
  • The Tramex CMEX II Digital Moisture Meter allows the user to non-invasively test concrete to international standards.
  • Using the CMEX II and Hygro-i ® Probes the user can test relative humidity, temperature, dew point and mixing ratio in the environment, or perform in situ and hood testing (with optional hood) of relative humidity in concrete to international standards BS 8201, BS 8203 or BS 5325 & ASTM F2170.
  • A Heavy-Duty Pin-Probe measures moisture content in wood, and gives in-depth readings of the moisture condition of walls and roofing insulation when using the 180mm Insulated Pins.
  • The 330mm Hygro-i ® Probe gives in-depth relative humidity readings.
  • The Water Damage Restoration Master Kit comes in a protective heavy-duty carrying case with die cut foam lining.
  • The CMEX II measures up to 6.9% Moisture Content in Concrete.
  • Hold function “freezes” meter reading when inspecting areas where the meter face is not visible.
  • Attaches to a relative humidity Hygro-i ® Probe for in situ testing of concrete and ambient conditions.
  • 7% to 40% Moisture Content measurement in Wood using Pin-Type Probe attachment.
  • The MEP features a wide range of readings for wood from 5% to 30%.
  • Deep signal penetration up to 1¼” (30mm) into the materials being tested without the need to damage the surface.
  • Three ranges of sensitivity: Wood, Timber / Drywall, Roofing / Plaster, Brick – making it ideal for testing various building materials.
  • Industry: Water Damage Restoration.
  • Material: Concrete Slabs & Screeds, Anhydrite/Gypsum Screeds & Boards.Drywall, wood, plaster, brick, ceramic, porcelain tiles, resilient flooring, laminates, asphalt composition shingles and most building materials.


  • Make: Tramex
  • Model No.: RMK5.1
  • Weight: 9.72lbs (4.4kg)
  • Size: 16.9" x 13.6" x 5.1" (430mm x 345mm x 130mm)
  • Power: 9V PP3 Battery x 3 (included)
  • Display: MEP Analogue / CMEX2 Digital/Backlit
  • Depth of Penetration: NDT CME4 approx. ¾" (20 mm) / NDT MEP 1¼ " ( 30 mm )
  • Moisture Content of Concrete: 0 to 6.9 % (moisture by weight)
  • Gypsum Scale: 0 to 10 (comparative)
  • Reference Scale for Building Materials: 0 to 100 (comparative)
  • Moisture Content of Wood: Pin-Type Probe 7-40% / NDT MEP 5-55%
  • Relative Humidity: 0 to 99%
  • Contents: CMEX2 Non-destructive, Digital Concrete Moisture Meter, MEP Non-destructive Analog Moisture Meter for general building materials, 3 Hygro-i ® RH Probes and Connector Cable with BS 8201 and ASTM F2170 tools, 330mm Hygro-i ® Probe for in-depth RH readings, IRTX Infrared Surface Thermometer, HH14TP30 Heavy-Duty Pin-Type Probe for wood, HA21SP52 Heavy-Duty Hammer Pin-Type Probe for wood, SP200 Long Insulated Pins for deep wall inspection, 8 Hole Liners to perform concrete floor RH testing to BS 8201 and ASTM F2170.

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