Chain Saw Petrol Husqvarna K970 Concrete

Chain Saw Petrol Husqvarna K970 Concrete Product code: HUS1010 £2236.79  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Product Information

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The Husqvarna K970 Chain is a petrol-driven power cutter with a diamond plunge. It is based on the popular K970 machine, and includes all of its technical and ergonomic advantages.
With a concrete plunge saw you get better access in tight situations.
You get better control and you avoid gyro forces.
You get sharp corners, without over-cutting, and you can make up to 390 mm deep cuts from one side.
This makes the concrete plunge saw a perfect complementary cutter, where the first cuts are made with a traditional blade cutter.


  • Makes 350mm deep cuts from one side
  • Makes openings as small as 110mm x 110mm
  • Perfect for openings with irregular shapes
  • Cuts concrete pipe without extra preparation and the risk of cracking
  • Bar and chain are simple to fit
  • Easy to tension the chain without tools
  • Water flow is easy to adjust
  • Large spray guard
  • Specially designed hand protection
  • Active air filtration increases the life of the filters by 3-5 times
  • SmartCarb delivers uniformly high power output
  • Easy start ensures 50% easier starting
  • The sealed Durastarter and a special starter cord have extended the starter service intervals by 5-10 times
  • Self-lubricating clutch bearings deliver extended lifetime
  • Air cooled 2-stroke engine
  • The water supply needs to be Mains Water only.


  • Make: Husqvarna
  • Part No.: 966037802
  • 94cc displacement
  • 6.2hp (4.5Kw) power
  • Cutting depth 390mm (15.5'')
  • Sound pressure level 103 dB(A)
  • Vibration front handle 5.3 m/s and rear handle 5.0 m/s
  • Weight without fuel, bar or chain 13.5kg

Supplied with 1 x SLC45 Chain.