Secure Payment

Due to the increasing amount of credit card fraud, in particular on the internet, the banks have introduced a more secure method to make payments from websites. This is the 3D Secure method and is a free service offered by the banks. It is basically a PIN that you can obtain from your card provider that you may be asked to enter when buying on-line and is designed to make sure that no unauthorised person is using your card.

We at Express Tools are alarmed at the increasing number of attempted fraudulent purchases that are being made, and have decided to introduce the 3D Secure system to our checkout.

If you wish to make a purchase and send it to an address other than the card holder, or if you are using a Maestro Card, you will be asked to key in your number. If you have not registered for this, you will see a message from your bank asking you to sign up. This only takes a couple of minutes, is very simple to do and is completely free.

Please help us to combat credit card fraud and to keep your online purchases even more secure.