Diamond Saw Blades Husqvarna EL35CNB 230mm x 2 Concrete

Diamond Saw Blades Husqvarna EL35CNB 230mm x 2 Concrete Product code: HUSB1041 £305.45  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Product Information

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2 x 230mm Hard Material Diamond Blades Cut'n'break

  • Cut in steps through walls up to 40 cm thick, with a very low diamond tool investment.
  • U-shaped segments on concrete blades EL10 CNB and EL35 CNB to promote efficient cooling and disposal of saw slurry.
  • The self-sharpen segments are designed to give a free-cutting tool regardless of direction of blade rotation.
  • Specially-developed 230mm blades with pulley incorporated into the steel body.
  • Highest quality blade components due to tough application and extreme cutting depth.
  • This unique design provides high cutting speed and power.
  • Twin blades, a blade set consists of two blades.
  • Optimal performance on reinforced concrete, concrete hard, concrete medium, concrete soft, flint concrete hard, granite, brick and trap-rock.
  • Good performance on marble.
  • Occasional use on abrasive. 


  • Make: Husqvarna
  • Part No.: 597808001
  • Type: Wet
  • Power Range: 1.8-3.7kW / 2.41-4.96hp(I)
  • Blade Diameters: 230mm/230 mm / 9''/9''
  • Geometry: Segmented
  • Segment Shape: Elite
  • Segments No.: 15
  • Segment Configuration: Narrow Notched (N)
  • Assembly: Laser welded
  • Segment Height: 10.5mm / 0.41''
  • Segment Base: 2mm / 0.08''
  • Segment Length: 40mm / 1.57''
  • Segment Width: 2.4mm / 0.09''
  • Diamond Depth: 8.5mm / 0.33''
  • Suitability: K760 Cut-n-Break, K3000 Cut-n-Break