Gum Blaster Chewing Gum Remover

Gum Blaster Chewing Gum Remover Product code: DPL1058 £722.44  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Chewing gum contamination is a problem that is here to stay.
For years the search has been on to find the definitive gum removal system, many have been developed to remove this sticky problem, but none have provided the complete answer.

The traditional method of using a pressure washer lance is slow, painstaking and leaves a lot of mess to clean up afterwards, including the gum that has just been removed.

Now a unique accessory is available that not only removes the gum, but collects it at the same time, the amazing Gum Blaster!!!

The Gum Blaster is easy to operate and can be used with most hot pressure washers.

Gum Blaster

it’s as easy as..1, 2, 3

1 Position the Gum Blaster over the chewing gum
2 Pull the trigger
3 The gum is instantly removed & held in the collection chamber


  • Model No. 99.9721.045
  • Maximum pressure 250 bar
  • Maximum temperature 90 degC
  • 22mm male inlet
  • Not supplied with gun or lance assembly
  • Stainless steel wear strips
  • Recommended for hot water pressure washers at a minimum pressure of 150 bar and 12 litres per minute
  • 12 month warranty More Information
  • Standard Delivery: 2 - 3 working days