Husqvarna K3600 350mm Hydraulic Ring Saw

Ring Saw Hydraulic Husqvarna K3600 370mm Product code: HUS1011 £3963.82  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Product Information

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Husqvarna K3600 370mm Hydraulic Power Ring Saw

  • The Husqvarna Hydraulic Power Cutter K3600 MK II provides eccentric drive of the blade meaning the cutting depth is a huge 270mm.
  • Suitable for a wide window of applications, it's particularly well-suited for working indoors due to no exhaust fumes and low noise levels.
  • The K3600 is a power cutter with truly unique characteristics and performance.
  • Because its blade is driven from its periphery, not its centre, it is one of the world's rare power cutters that can cut 270mm deep with just a 370mm Blade!
  • Its unique weight to power ratio and hydraulic power source makes it a hand-held cutter which is exceptionally efficient and easy to use.
  • None of the depth limitations of blades driven from an arbor apply to this cutter.
  • Off-centre drive means the blade can cut almost as deep as its own diameter.
  • To achieve a cutting depth of 270mm on a conventional power cutter you would need a blade diameter of approx. 700mm, which would be simply unmanageable on a hand-held cutter.
  • A 270mm cutting depth is enough to cut right through a normal wall, and if cuts can be made from both sides of a structure, this cutting depth can naturally be doubled.
  • The new Husqvarna K3600 is hydraulic-powered, and completely modular in design for easy servicing.
  • The entire design concept of this new RingSaw makes for a genuinely efficient and easy-to-use cutter of very low weight.


  • 260mm cutting depth with a 370mm blade thanks to unique eccentric drive.
  • Hydraulic operation gives high power output - 4.3Kw.
  • Easy adjustment of blade rollers.
  • Front handle which makes both vertical and horizontal cutting easier.
  • Adjustable front handles.
  • Automatic starter for the water flow.
  • Sealed blade mount.
  • Low weight and ergonomic design.
  • Easy service and cleaning.


  • Make: Husqvarna
  • Part No.: 968424101
  • Motor: 40Lpm
  • Max Hydraulic Flow: 40ltr/min / 10gal/min
  • Hydraulic Pressure: 150bar
  • Power: 4.3Kw
  • Blade Diameter: 370mm / 14''
  • Cutting Depth: 270mm / 10''
  • Sound Pressure Level: 99dB(A)
  • Sound Power Level LWA: 111dB(A)
  • Vibration Front Handle: 4.3m/s²
  • Vibration Rear Handle: 6.0m/s²
  • Weight: 8.3kg

Supplied with 1 x Elite-Ring R45 370mm Diagrip™ Ring Saw Blade.