Log Splitter HOS8N Lumag Premium 8ton Vertical

Log Splitter HOS8N Lumag Premium 8ton Vertical Product code: LUM1021 £813.78  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Lumag HOS8N Log Splitter Premium 8ton Vertical 

Introducing the Lumag HOS8N Vertical Log Splitter – a testament to German engineering excellence and nearly two decades of continuous improvement. This hydraulic firewood splitter is a powerhouse designed for efficiency in wood processing, boasting cutting-edge features that redefine the standards of performance.

Copper Wound Motor

Extra strong Premium steel construction

Market Leading hydraulics

Stability and Durability in Design: Built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty wood processing, the HOS8N features a solid splitting table and a stable, torsion-free steel construction. This combination guarantees high stability during operation and an extended service life, making it a reliable choice for any wood processing project.

Safety at the Forefront with 2-Hand Operation: Safety is paramount, and the HOS8N ensures secure handling with its 2-hand operation system. This safety feature adds an extra layer of protection, allowing you to operate the log splitter confidently and with peace of mind.

Space-Saving Convenience with Folding Splitting Tables: Optimize your workspace with the HOS8N’s folding splitting tables. This practical design enables space-saving storage when the log splitter is not in use, making it a versatile choice for those with limited storage space.

Reliable Performance with a Powerful Electric Motor: Driven by a robust electric motor with a power output of 2.4kW, the Lumag HOS8N delivers consistent and reliable performance. The stable chassis complements the motor’s power, providing a solid foundation for all your wood processing needs. Return stop will improve the speed of your work, only allowing the splitter to return to your desired return height.

German Precision and Quality Components: Benefit from nearly 20 years of experience and development in Germany, where every detail of the HOS8N reflects precision and high-quality components. This guarantees that you receive a powerful and efficient tool designed to meet the highest standards.

Optional Accessories for Enhanced Splitting: Take your wood processing to the next level with optional accessories like the riving knife extension, making the splitting process even easier and more versatile.

Experience the excellence of the Lumag HOS8N Vertical Log Splitter – where power, innovation, and durability come together to redefine your wood processing experience. Operating at 230V/50Hz, this log splitter is the ideal partner for efficient and reliable wood splitting.


  • Operating voltage: 230V / 50Hz
  • Motor power: P1 / P2: 3.5 kW / 2.4 kW
  • Operating mode: S6 40%
  • Protection: IP54
  • Engine speed: 2,820 1 / min
  • Motor protection: Yes
  • Phase inverter: No
  • Splitting force: 8 ton
  • Splitting diameter: 80-350 mm
  • Gap length: 250 – 550 mm
  • Oil flow Max. 4.5 liters (HLP46)
  • Hydraulic pressure: 28.0 MPa
  • Working speed : about 4.5 cm / s
  • Dimensions (B / T / H) Splitting wedge retracted: 990 x 860 x 1080 mm
  • Dimensions (B / T / H) riving knife raised: 1180 x 860 x 1550 mm
  • Weight (net / gross): 113/121 kg
  • Packaging dimensions (B / T / H): 570 x 400 x 1170 mm
  • All Stump Grinders are covered by a 2 year domestic warranty (1 year for commercial). No need to send any forms, just a proof of delivery if you need to make a claim.