Probst AL 43/U 430mm Block Paving Cutter

Probst STS-33-F Block Paving Cutter Product code: PRB1197 £556.51  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Product Information

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Probst Block Cutter STS-33-F

Snap blocks without great force: easy! With the perfect combination of lever and eccentric transmission and and triangular knife, huge splitting force with minimal operating force is generated with all mechanical block snappers.

STS-33-F: With tilted, rigid supporting table, so that the block is cut at a constant angle. 

Specifictions :-

  • STS-33-F
  • Blade  : Rigid
  • Cutting Length: 330mm
  • Cutting Height :10 – 120mm
  • Dead Weight: 42kg
  • Man Code : 51200076