Probst MAL Measuring and Marking Tool

Probst MAL Measuring and Marking Tool Product code: PRB1009 £88.00  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Probst MAL Marking and Measuring Tool

An indispensable aid for the exact measuring and marking of lengths and angles for cutting paving stones.
Measure and mark pavers in one go!

Establish the length and cutting angle of the paver to be cut using the guide and lock into place using the eccentric lever.
Remove the guide, place it on the paver and mark the cutting line.
The stopper on the measuring and marking guide allows for an automatic gap of 5 mm.

The measuring and marking guide is made completely of metal, making it suitable for professional use and it can be used to measure all available types of pavers and slabs.

Part No. 51800026