Probst SH-1000-MINI-B Mini Vacuum Lifting Device

Probst SH-1000-MINI-B Mini Vacuum Lifting Device Product code: PRB1045 £9280.00  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Product Information

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Vacuum Lifting Device SH-1000-MINI-B 

For efficient and safe handling and laying of heavy loads up to 1,000 kg, such as granite slabs, dense concrete elements, marble slabs, kerb stones, steps, pipes etc.

  • Engine: integral petrol engine
  • Generation of suction through powerful vacuum pump 12 cbm/h, powered by an integral petrol engine
  • Can be hooked in to any carrier or laying machine VM by means of load hook, chain, hoisting cable or similar
  • All-purpose lifting device
  • Huge ease of work
  • Enormous benefit in economization
  • Ingenious technology down to the smallest detail
  • Different suction plates can be attached to the SH within seconds for varying kinds of applications, slab dimensions and weights.
  • Manually operated valve for tripping suction and release sequences.
  • Max. carrying capacity up to 1,000 kg at - 0,6 bar. depending upon the suction plate
  • Centrical load balancing through two variable upper suspensions and adjustable attachment of suction plates
  • Operating handles are arranged in ergonomic position for convenient direction and handling.
  • Handles can easily be rearranged into a rack to put down the device on the ground properly.
  • Integrated vacuum storage tank
  • visual checking via pressure check valve with red-green-area
  • battery powered acoustic warning device
  • This machine does NOT come with a suction plate
  • Man code: 52400018

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