Probst SH-2500-UNI-E Vacuum Lifting Device 230V

Probst SH-2500-UNI-E Vacuum Lifting Device 230V Product code: PRB1171 £8507.00  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Product Information

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Vacuum Lifting Device SH-2500-UNI-E for Heavy Loads up to 2,500kg Electric 230V

For the easy and efficient handling and laying of natural stone, concrete and marble slabs, pipes and steps, etc

Specially designed and equipped for heavy-duty work on the building site.

Can be hung from any carrier by means of load hooks, chains, cables and such like.

Can be adapted by means of additional devices such as the Micro MJ and used to lay lighter slabs (such as patio blocks).

Efficient, flexible operation with no compromise on safety.

In seconds, various suction plates can be fitted to the SH via a quick release locating pin, enabling it to be used for many different purposes and with many different loads.

The carrying capacity is dependent on the suction plate used - not supplied. Higher carrying capacities available on request.

Safety Devices : -

  • Vacuum gauge
  • Safety vacuum storage tank
  • Pressure relieve valve
  • NEW: Accoustic warning device with inbuilt intellegence. Batteries last approx. 1 year

Specifications : -

  • Code : SH-2500-UNI-E
  • Main Body – robust and compact for use on the building site.
  • Manually operated valve for vacuum “on/off”.
  • Power  : Electric, 230 Volt single phase
  • Operating handle in ergonomic position.
  • Carrying Capacity  Kg (lbs) : 2,500 (5,500)
  • Dead Weight Kg (lbs) : 96 (210)
  • Man Code : 52400044