Probst TAS-uni 450 & 600 Screeding Systems

£2384.93 - £3058.92
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Product Information

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Universally suitable for precise and flexible screeding of laying courses on both, large and small sites.

Consisting of the following components: 1 x 750mm, 1x 1000mm, 1 x 1750mm and 1 x 2000mm aluminium profile with integrated clamping adjustment, 1 set height adjustable roller units with metal steps and wipers on either side, 2 x pulling chains with hooks for mechanical use. The TAS Uni 600 has one extra 3m profile. Pulling handles are not included.

  • Comfortable upright working position.
  • The aluminium profile has been optimized so that the screed does not move upwards when pulled by hand or when pulled with chains mechanically.
  • In one run a clean and exact screed can be produced.
  • The profile was increased in order to be able to move more material when the distribution of the screeding material is very rough.
  • There is a step above the roller unit on which the operator can stand to increase the pressure to the ground when using the TAS-M mechanically.
  • Working width up to 6,000 mm (20 feet) by duplicating the profile. (see below).
  • Special aluminium profiles, consisting of a low wear, high-tensile alloy are designed to be fully telescopic to one another, stepless.
  • With integrated jam system to lock the telescopic parts in any desired position.
  • All metal parts are galvanized.
  • Each side is equipped with height adjustable roller units, including screeding rail cleaning wiper as well as material turn-away metal sheet.
  • Height adjustable directly above scale.
  • For mechanical operation 2 pulling chains are included in the standard equipment.


  • Working width 750mm - 4500mm (TAS-uni 600 750mm - 6000mm)
  • Weight 78kg - TAS 600 100kg