Scissor Grab Probst SG80-PGL2

Scissor Grab Probst SG80-PGL2 Product code: PRB1367 £2777.76  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Product Information

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 Scissor Grab SG-80-PGL2

A mechanical grab universally suitable for use on building sites engaged in civil engineering work and paving work.

  •  Model : SG80-PGL2
  • Fork sleeves with manual turning device ET-D (with additional lifting eye for crane hook),
  • Crane Ring SG included
  • Large variable gripping range
  • The SG grab handles pack sizes as show in the data below without any gripping width adjustment
  • Safe and easy transport of un-palletised building materials such as vertically steel-strapped paving blocks, slabs, kerb stones etc.
  • Man Code: 53100380
  • Gripping Range W mm (in): 400 – 1,100 (15¾ – 43”)
  • Inside Height E mm (in): 800 (31½”)
  • Gripper Length L mm (in): 1,200 (47”)
  • Working Load Limit WLL kg (Ibs): 1,800 (4,000)
  • Dead Weight kg (Ibs): 230 (510)

Accessories Availible: (Not included with the PRB1367 above)

  • Fork sleeves: manual turning device which engages itself every 90°. With security chain to avoid slipping.
  • ET-D/B with wider distance between the sleeves and with longer sleeves, specially suitable for SG grabs
  • Security Net SSN for operation of SG grabs in high-rise construction, is suspended underneath the load by hooking it into the handles of the SG grab.
  • Products Descriptions  : (  please call for prices for below items )
  • ET-D Carring Capacity: 2,500 kg (5,500 lbs)  code:  4310.0411
  • EH3000 : lifting eye for crane hook operation   Carring Capacity 3,000 kg (6,600 lbs)   code: 4011.0086
  • Suspension adapter AH-Ato use the SG 40-UK grab in combination with the forksleeves ET-D/B 4310.044231f20
  • SSN- 1,2/1,4/0,9 for SG 40UK carrying capacity 1800kg code: 4520.0010
  • SSN- 1,5/1, 3/1, 0 for SG60, SG80 SG100 carrying capacity 1800kg code: 4520.0061