Sealey SM20 Parts Cleaning Tank with Turbo Feature

Parts Cleaning Tank Sealey SM20 with Turbo Feature Product code: SEA1614 £283.97  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Product Information


Parts Cleaning Tank with Turbo Feature

  • Heavy-duty steel tank made in one piece.
  • Triple baked enamel finish and fitted with fully sealed, magnetic drive pump unit.
  • Fluid recirculated through replaceable filter element and directed onto workpiece through flexible metal delivery nozzle.
  • Turbo agitation bubbles air through fluid to reduce pre-soaking time and requires workshop air supply in addition to 230Volt electrical supply.
  • Can be used without turbo agitation if desired.
  • Lid of tank fitted with fusible link hinge which automatically snaps lid shut in the event of a fire.
  • Supplied with removable shelf and parts basket.


  • Make: Sealey
  • Model No.: SM20
  • Overall Height: 880mm
  • Tank Height: 260mm
  • Tank Width: 540mm
  • Maximum Length: 810mm
  • Pump Output/hr 200ltr
  • Motor Power: 25W
  • Supply: 230V
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Maximum Working Capacity: 50ltr
  • Minimum Working Capacity: 40ltr
  • For Warranty see: Sealey Warranties