Pneumatic / Air Poker Fairport FPP50 50mm

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Product Information

FAIRPORT Made in Britain 

Pneumatic Air Poker 50mm with 2 metre Air/Exhaust hose 

Powerful pneumatic concrete vibrating poker that works at high frequencies allowing the operator to vibrate large areas quickly.

Where a compressor is available on site, these pokers are the perfect solution.

  • High Frequency, High productivity
  • All parts made from heat treated abrasion resistant steel
  • Two part 'in head' motor, reliable performance
  • Only one wear part, easy maintenance
  • In line oiler, helps avoid internal corrosion and seizing
  • Twist grip throttle, convenient control
  • Quick release coupling


  • Diameter mm: 50
  • Frequency (vpm) : 18,000
  • Force N : 3334
  • Air Volume l/m: 600
  • Max pressure Bar : 7
  • weight kg : 6.5
  • HAV m/sec2 : 0.985
  • Code : 94462

Parts List