Concrete Mixer Altrad-Belle Minimix BATTERY Powered

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Concrete Mixer Altrad-Belle Minimix BATTERY Powered Product code: BEL1155 £1177.62 Save £82.44
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New from Altrad-Belle, the Battery Operated Minimix 150E+ Concrete Mixer,

Supplied Complete with Battery and Charger

Compact, heavy duty, professional tip-up Cement Mixer with an emission free, Li-ion battery powered motor for all your mixing requirements, outdoor usage, indoor usage and poorly ventilated areas. The Minimix 150E+ can be used on or off its stand and is the ideal portable and robust solution for mixing concrete & mortar but without any engine emissions or the need for an electrical power supply.

  • Proven robust and durable design.
  • Compact & portable for easy transportation.
  • Mixes a full barrow load of concrete or mortar.
  • 2.0m3 mix output on 1 single charge - the equivalent of 20 mix loads of concrete.
  • Environmentally friendly, emission free for use indoors & in poorly ventilated areas such as basements and tunnels.
  • Can be operated in environmentally sensitive areas, such as green spaces, nature reserves, national parks, rural railway cuttings and emission controlled urban areas, without any exhaust emissions.
  • Low noise offers increased working hours and usage in noise restricted areas.
  • No routine power unit maintenance eliminates servicing or costly downtime due to repairs. No blocked carburettors.
  • Cordless design gives added flexibility when positioning the mixer for operation.
  • Complete with barrow height swivel and stand.
  • Extra thick drum with quick mix paddles.
  • Quick release / connect battery with digital power level display.
  • Heavy-duty sealed cast gearbox for longer life.


  • Part No. M83B
  • Drum Capacity: 130 litres
  • Max. Mixing Capacity: 90 litres
  • Drum Speed: 24rpm
  • Off Stand Dimensions:  W597mm x L1211mm x H890mm
  • On Stand Dimensions:  W1057mm x L1227mm x H1432mm
  • Weight without Stand: 59kg

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