Probst STS-33-F Zinc Plated Block Paving Cutter

Probst STS-33-F Zinc Plated Block Paving Cutter Product code: PRB1071 This item is temporarily unavailable. £599.95  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Order PRE 12:30pm, on a working day, and it will be delivered the next working day. (Within Mainland UK & subject to availability) 

Probst Block Paver Cutter STS-33-F- Galvanised - This item is not available at present so we will be shipping the original AL-33 instead for the time being.

The new block cutters from Probst – more splitting force with reduced effort.

Split blocks without great force: easy! With the perfect combination of lever and eccentric transmission and triangular blade, huge splitting force with minimal operating force is generated with all mechanical block splitters.

  • High rationalisation effect, as clean snapping of the blocks can often replace time-consuming and expensive cutting with masonry saws.
  • Clean cuts with precisely guided, triangular, reversible blade.
  • Better view of the cutting line.
  • More splitting force with reduced effort.
  • Size indicator in cm and inches as well as 45-degree angle on both support plates speed up the work enormously.
  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing.
  • Both blades, top and bottom, have 4 cutting edges, thus ensuring a long life.
  • The blades can be turned quickly and easily.


  • Part No. 51200076
  • Cutting Length 330mm
  • Cutting height 10mm - 120mm
  • Weight 41kg