Starter Sealey ECS650 Electronic Charger 100/650A 12/24V

Starter Sealey ECS650 Electronic Charger 100/650A 12/24V Product code: SEA1960 This item is temporarily unavailable. £836.33  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Product Information


Electronic Charger Starter 100/650A 12/24V

  • Suitable for 12V & 24V electrical systems.
  • Fully electronic, microprocessor controlled.
  • Suitable for AGM/GEL, Lead Acid, Lead Calcium, Silver Calcium as well as stop/start batteries.
  • Up to 10 analysis and charge phases.
  • Stabilised charging current allows improved charging efficiency and reduced charging times using ECS (Electronic Control Systems) technology.
  • Surge and spike protection during charging and starting. 
  • BSU mode provides support for the battery during prolonged electronic diagnostic checks.
  • Includes wired remote control switch to allow operator to deliver required starting power, while being sat in the connected vehicle.



  • Product Code : ECS650
  • Nett Weight: 28.11Kg
  • Output: 12/24V
  • Output Charge Peak(EN): 100A(70A)
  • Output Start Peak(EN)*: 650A(450A)
  • Battery Range: 4-700Ah
  • Input Charge: 2kW - 8.5A
  • Input Start: 12kW - 52A
  • Charging Rates: 3 x Preset + 1 x Variable to Maximum Current
  • Supply: 230V - 32A Supply
  • BSU Supply: 40A - 13.5V
  • Polarity Protection: Fuse (3 x 100A)
  • Fuse: 120/802260 (Pack of 20), 120/122351 (Single)
  • Note: *Performance dependent on connection to an adequate, good clean electric supply.
  • Standard Delivery 1-2  days
  • Warranty see: Sealey Warranties