Wacker Neuson BSF1345ABZ 450mm Honda Floor Saw

Wacker Neuson BSF1345A 450mm Floor Saw Product code: WAC1017 £2549.58  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Product Information

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The best performance in cutting asphalt and concrete.

This petrol driven floor saw by Wacker Neuson is particularly characterized by its superior cutting performance. All model versions are up to 20 percent faster than comparable machines so that the BFS series offers the highest cutting speed with a quiet operation. This is because the torque that is transmitted to the diamond blade and the centre of gravity that is above the cutting shaft are efficiently adapted to each other. And this with a low weight, because the BFS series is the lightest in its class. This is the newest version with a shortened wheelbase, for improved handling and the wheels are inside the frame to allow closer cutting to an edge.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior cutting performance: up to 20% faster than comparable machines
  • The lightest in its class
  • High cutting speed with quiet operation
  • High directional stability through the high tensile strength frame and ball-bearing wheels
  • Infinitely variable cutting depth (up to maximum)
  • Vibration magnitude 6.9ms2


  • Honda engine
  • Length x width x height (brackets in transport position without guide wheel) 1260 x 568 x 1050mm
  • Weight 95kg
  • Max. disc diameter 450mm
  • Arbor diameter 25,4mm
  • Nominal blade speed 2.2001/min 2,200rpm
  • Peripheral blade speed at Ø 35040, 3m/sec 132 ft/sec
  • Peripheral blade speed at Ø 40046, 1m/sec 151 ft/sec
  • Peripheral blade speed at Ø 45051, 8m/sec 170 ft/sec
  • Max. cutting depth 170mm
  • Tank capacity (water)32litres
  • Fuel consumption 4.3l/h
  • Tank capacity (fuel) 6.5litres
  • Power Train from engine via belt to cutting shaft
  • Recoil starter

This machine is supplied without a blade (will take 14'' or 18'')

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