Workshop Storage Combo Sealey APMSSTEEL Stainless Worktop

Workshop Storage Combo Sealey APMSSTEEL Stainless Worktop Product code: SEA2005 £6307.98  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Product Information


Complete Modular Workshop Storage Combination - Stainless Steel Worktop

Package includes:

  • APMS05 - Modular Full Height Floor Cabinet 930mm Heavy-Duty
  • APMS13 - Modular Wall Cabinet 775mm Heavy-Duty (x2)
  • APMS14 - Modular Wall Cabinet 1550mm Heavy-Duty (x2)
  • APMS01 - Modular Floor Cabinet 1 Door 775mm Heavy-Duty
  • APMS02 - Modular Floor Cabinet 2 Door 1550mm Heavy-Duty
  • APMS04 - Modular Floor Cabinet 11 Drawer 1550mm Heavy-Duty
  • APMS03 - Modular Floor Cabinet 6 Drawer 775mm Heavy-Duty
  • APMS08 - Stainless Steel Worktop 775mm (x2)
  • APMS09 - Stainless Steel Worktop 1550mm (x2)
  • APMS10 - Modular Back Panel 775mm (x2)
  • APMS11 - Modular Back Panel 1550mm (x2)
  • You may also refer to the individual Model No. for full specification.


  • Make: Sealey
  • Model No.: APMSSTEEL
  • Delivery 1- 2 Days
  • Warranty see: Sealey Warranties