Husqvarna K1260 400mm Petrol Rail Saw

Rail Saw Petrol Husqvarna K1270 400mm Product code: HUS1021 £2726.14  Inc. VAT and mainland UK delivery
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Product Information

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K1270 400mm Petrol Rail Saw

  • Cutting a rail track takes power, precision and speed.
  • The K1270 Rail is the market's most powerful cutter, customised for railways, tram tracks and metro systems.
  • It cuts fast and straight, the attachment mounts quickly to the rail and the double attachment mountings means you can cut from any direction.
  • The Husqvarna K1270 Rail was developed for maintenance work on railways, tram tracks and metro systems.
  • An impressive output of 5.8kW (7.8hp) makes it one of the market’s most powerful rail cutters.
  • When combined with the RA10 attachment it is easily the market’s lightest gas-powered rail cutting unit.
  • The attachment mounts quickly and firmly to the rail.
  • Double attachment mountings enable cutting from both sides.
  • Precise right-angle cuts on all levels.
  • The K1270 Rail has features like the new generation Active Air Filtration™, one of the market’s most efficient centrifugal air cleaning systems that delivers up to one year’s operation without a filter change, as well as a highly efficient vibration dampening system.
  • Starting is easy, thanks to EasyStart.
  • SmartCarb™, built-in automatic filter compensation, maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption.


  • Make: Husqvarna
  • Part No.: 967982301
  • Engine: 118cc
  • Cylinder Displacement: 118.8cm³ / 7.25''³
  • Power: 5.8Kw
  • Bore Size: 25.4mm / 1''
  • Blade Diameter: 400mm (16'')
  • Cutting Depth: 145mm (6'')
  • Sound Pressure Level: 104dB(A)
  • Sound Power Level LWA: 117dB(A)
  • Vibration Front Handle: 4.4m/s²
  • Vibration Rear Handle: 3.9m/s²
  • Weight: 16.0kg

Unfortunately, there is NOT a Blade supplied with this Power Cutter but the RA10 Rail Cutting Attachment is supplied as Standard

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